Freebie: Free Youth Group Sermon on Social Media

saulo-mohana-77106Early this summer I taught a lesson on social media to my students. The lesson was called Using Social Media for the Glory of God. I want to give you this lesson so you can teach it to your students as well. It’s a simple, topical lesson that may come in handy when your short on prep time or you need a lesson to teach between two series. Even though it’s a simple lesson, it’s a very important one for our students to hear. Social media is huge in their culture. They need to know God’s Word applies to how they use social media. This is what this lesson does. It explains three Biblical truths that will help guide them in using social media for the glory of God.

The links below provide all the resources you need to teach this lesson. I have included the teaching manuscript, PowerPoint presentation, and a Keynote presentation for Mac users. Enjoy!

Using Social Media for God’s Glory (Teaching Manuscript)
Using Social Media for God’s Glory (PowerPoint)
Using Social Media for God’s Glory (Keynote)

[Feedback] I would love to hear your thoughts on this lesson or hear if you plan on using it in the future.