What the Virgin Birth Shows Us

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at The Grove Student Ministry for their “Christmas at The Grove” service. The Grove is the student ministry at Union Grove Baptist Church in Lexington, NC. Josh Evans is the student pastor and has a great blog where you can find great posts on student ministry and leadership. I wanted to summarize the message I gave and share it here on my blog.

After much prayer and study, I decided to speak to the students about what the Virgin birth shows us about God and His Son Jesus. I believe the Virgin birth shows us three important truths that can be seen in Luke 1:35 which says,

And the angel answered her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy the Son of God.”

Gods Power. The first thing we see from the Virgin birth and this verse in particular is that God is powerful. The phrase “the power of the Most High will overshadow you” shows us that the Virgin birth was something planned and carried out by our sovereign and all-powerful God! A virgin giving birth to a child is impossible, but our God is the God of the impossible. We are reminded of this when the angel tells Mary this in verse 37: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Christ Sinlessness. We see the word holy in this verse which means  pure, good, without any defect or deficiency or blemish. It carries the idea of being totally set apart from sin. One of the reasons Christ had to be born of a virgin was because He had to be sinless. If He would have come through the normal means of birth He would have inherited the sinful nature we are all given because of Adam’s sin in Genesis. Christ would not have been able to be the sacrifice for our sins if He had a sin nature. He had to be sinless in order to die for our sins in our place. Being born through a Virgin and by God’s power, Christ came into the world sinless. He then lived a perfect, sinless life in order for His righteousness to be imputed to us (2 Corinthians 5:21). I wrote a blog called “What the Layaway Angels Teach us About Christ” that talks more about this truth, check it out!

Christ Humanity. Christ was fully God, but also fully man. We don’t understand this, but we know it is true because God’s Word teaches it. This is why the Virgin birth is so amazing! Christ, even though fully, came down to earth and walk among us a man. The verse above ends with the phrase Son of God. This title of Christ shows us His deity as well as His humanity. This was Christ very title of Himself and used it the most Himself. He wants people to understand He is fully God, but also embraced humanity. This should encourage us because He can understand and sympathize with us as we go through life. The beginning of Hebrews 4:15 says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses…” Christ, our high priest, can sympathize with us, how encouraging! The ends of this verse says, “…in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” Even though Christ was sinless, He still faced temptation as we do. We see this clearly in Luke 4:1-12. The reason Christ came as a human was ultimately to die on the cross for our sin and giving us a way to have a relationship with God (Philippians 2:5-8; John 14:6).

I hope this Christmas didn’t pass you by without taking a time to think about the Virgin birth of our Savior. He came through God’s power for you! He was sinless so He could die for you and give you His righteousness! He embraced humanity so He could sympathize with you! Christ came into this world for you and for me. Have we let that truth seek in this Christmas?

I hope to have the video of this sermon on here soon. Until then feel free to check out some of my other sermons I have preached over the past year on the “Preaching and Teaching” page here on my blog.

Preaching Opportunities this Fall

I have been blessed with many opportunities to preach God’s Word in the next few months while I am here at Weymouth Community Church doing my pastoral internship. I am thankful for all the opportunities the Lord has given me in the past to preach, but something about these upcoming opportunities feel different from the opportunities in the past. I am not quite sure why that is, but what I do know is that in the past few months the Lord has given me a greater burden and itch to preach His Word and preach it well! And that is my desire, to preach God’s Word with passion, with clarity, and with excellence. God has shown me that I cannot preach His Word on my own. If I want to see the Scriptures change the lives of the people I am preaching to I must be faithful to the text itself and utterly depend upon God. I know God wants me to pray, seek Him, and prepare well, but I must depend upon God.

I’m posting this blog not only to share my burden to preach God’s Word and to explain that I must depend on Him, but to also ask for your prayers over the next few months as I preach. I appreciate all my friends and family who have been praying for me over the summer and now as I am in my second internship, but I am asking that as many of you that can will pray and pray hard for my preaching. Pray that I prepare the sermons well, be faithful to the text, preach with passion, and most of all that God will do awesome things as His Word is being preached!

The following is my preaching schedule for the next few months. I included where I will be preaching as well.

9/11-Local Retirement Home

9/17-Medina County Jail

9/18-Medina County Jail (3 services)


10/2-Weymouth, Lifechange (Weymouth’s South Campus), and two local Retirement Homes

10/23-Weymouth (2 services)


12/4-Weymouth and Lifechange

These are my speaking opportunities while I’m back in NC for Christmas:

12/14-The Grove Student Ministry

12/17-Winston-Salem Rescue Mission

I will have a few more opportunities in November, but for now these are the ones on my calendar. Put them on your calendar, prayer list, or whatever will remind you to pray that God’s Word would go forth in a powerful way!

Moving On

For the past four years I have been highly involved at The Grove, student ministry at my home church, Union Grove Baptist. Because my school requires us to have a Christian service on a weekly basis I have had to not just volunteer, but have specific roles at The Grove. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities God has given me at The Grove over the past four years. Under the prior student pastor, Jeremy Pollard, I was able to run media/tech, be a small group leader, and other random things. Under the new student pastor, Josh Evans, I have got to run media/tech again, be a small group leader again, and do many more random things. I even had the chance to intern at The Grove for a few months! The Grove is a place where I have grown spiritually and also have grown in my love and passion for student ministry. I have got to apply the stuff I was learning in my student ministry classes straight to my ministry at The Grove.

The time has come for me to move on from The Grove. I have two internships to fulfill, student ministry and pastoral, to complete my degree at PBC. The student ministry one I am starting in a few days in York, PA under student pastor Brett Ayers. The pastoral one I will start at the end of August in Medina, OH under pastor Dan Jarvis. I am excited about the new opportunities that are ahead, but it is bittersweet leaving The Grove. I will always love, pray, and remember The Grove as a special place for me and a place God has used in my life and short ministry experience so far. To all the student, leaders, and my friends at The Grove, I love each and every one of you and stay strong in the Lord!

If you follow my on Twitter my name has always been @groveaustin due to my involvement at The Grove. Because I will be an intern in two places over the summer and fall I am changing my Twitter name to @internaustin. Follow me!

Recent Flyers

If you know than you might know I love working with church media and tech. I started working with church media and tech when I was a freshman here at PBC. I was a college leader under the current student pastor at The Grove Student Ministry, a ministry of Union Grove Baptist Church, when I started running the sound and media for the Wednesday night meetings. I soon started running sound and media in the church services at Union Grove. Over the years the media and tech have advanced in The Grove Student Ministry and I have had the privilege to still be working there with the media and tech. I have run programs such as PowerPoint, EasyWorship, and ProPresenter for that student ministry and many other ministries over the past few years. As I am winding down my time here at PBC and my time working at The Grove because I am doing two internships over the next half-year, one this summer and one next fall, I did a few flyers for some stuff coming up at The Grove in the next few months before I leave. I enjoy putting together flyers like these for various ministry events so if you would like some done let me know or have any questions please ask. Below are a few I worked on tonight.

Also, below are some flyers I made to promote the social sites we use at The Grove along with a  flyer to promote the current website of the student ministry. These were much easier than the above flyers because the backgrounds are from Centerline New Media. I purchased each one for about $2 and just put the text on the image.