Honduras In Review (Abby)

Recently I went to Honduras with a group of our high school students. I have been using my site as a place for them to write about their experience. If you missed the first post in this series be sure to go back and read it. Below is a few thoughts from another student who went on this trip named Abby Camara.

20045747_1925203837493671_6449662331118335399_o“This summer I took on one of the most challenging adventures of my life, I accomplished a mission trip to Siguatepeque, Honduras. I learned many new things on this trip which God taught me and I would have never been able to learn in the states. God also helped me take many new risks as His follower. When I was on this trip the team quickly became my family and we were as close as could be. During this trip I shared my testimony out loud for the very first time. This was a huge step in my life because some things that are in my testimony I don’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone. Although on this trip I felt like I belonged with everyone on my team in Honduras. I learned many different things throughout the week as I started to tell my story to others, I learned that you cannot be a superhero all by yourself. You cannot change the world, only God can do that. You cannot be your own superhero, God is your superhero. Sometimes you have to totally rely and trust in God, while I found myself only giving some parts of my life to God, I needed to start giving it all to him. I could trust my Savior with anything I needed in my life and he would take my trials and make something good out of them. I also realized on this trip that God will use many situations that he gives you in mysterious ways to help you and others throughout your life. As I shared my testimony with my peers and leaders I ended up helping other people as it proved to others that if you worship the Lord, you can get truly get through anything. All you need is the constant love of the Lord and you can make it happen. God gave me so many blessings on this trip by meeting amazing people such as a women named Elsy, a mother of 6 orphans who lives at La Providencia with her family. Elsy inspired me not only as an incredible mother but in her walk with God, there was a language barrier between me and Elsy but you could see Jesus shining through her wherever she was. She is an inspiration to me as I grow older and want to adopt my own children. Another person who I was completely blessed to meet on my trip to Honduras was JG. JG was my LeaderTreks leader who lived in Honduras and did trips all summer. He changed my way of looking at many situations. As I started to share my testimony and open up more throughout the week he non- stop showed his compassion and love for me. Whenever I needed help he was always there for me, and constantly challenged me to grow spiritually. He saw parts of me that I couldn’t see, such as my ability to be a leader even when I would get stressed very easily and want to give up. Thank you JG for not only changing my perspective on the role of God in my life, but also on myself and how I affect a team. In Honduras I learned a lot, but mostly I learned that I need to sometimes give it to God. Where a problem that I will be keeping for myself to try and figure out, I need to give it to God and have him help me through it. Which made all of the difference of my trip.”


What We Did This Week (Student Ministry Sunday Edition)

Student Ministry Sunday Social MediaIt’s been a busy past few weeks in our student ministry. We are in the middle of a massive three week (first three Friday nights of this month) event for middle school students called Edge Games, interviewing students for our two summer mission trips, and coming off of Student Ministry Sunday this past Sunday. Before I tell you what we did this week in our high school ministry called Porch, let me tell you what we did Sunday for Student Ministry Sunday.

What We Did at Student Ministry Sunday
Student Ministry Sunday is basically a Sunday where our students take over and lead our Sunday worship services. Our high school ministries worship band made up of students does the worship, students host and pray during the services, students greet and welcome people at the doors, and I get the privilege to preach.
Worship Set List: In Tenderness He Sought Me (Citizens & Saints), The Ascension (Phil Wickham), Oceans [Where Feet May Fail] (Hillsong United), and Man of Sorrows (Hillsong).
Upfront Game: Donuts on a String. Yes, we played a game. It was a blast and the congregation loved it. Contestants have to eat a donut off a string without using their hands. If the donut falls off the string they must eat it off the ground still using no hands.
Preaching: I continued the series we have been in for a few weeks now called “Story Teller God.” In this series we are looking at some of the parables Jesus told. I preached on the two debtors from Luke 7:36-50. Click here to listen to the audio or watch the video of to the sermon.
Highlight: It was a blast watching our students greet and welcome people at the doors. For the past few years we have kind of made it a tradition that on Student Ministry Sunday our students go crazy when people walk through the doors. They high five people, make tunnels over people, and scream and clap for them. It’s awesome!

What We Did at Porch (High School)
Upfront Game: Face the Clothespins. One of my favorite upfront games. Bring up a few pairs of contestants and have one of them see how many clothespins they can put on the face of their partner in two minutes. Click the link above to download a free graphic and countdown for this game.
Worship Set List: Psalm 18 (Citizens & Saints), All I Have is Christ (Sovereign Grace Music), Jesus I Come (Elevation Worship), and Sweetness of Freedom (Citizens & Saints).
Teaching: Last week we started a series called “What’s Your Story?” I taught last week on what the Bible says about sharing the Gospel and also how to share your own personal faith story. This week instead of me teaching our student leaders shared their faith stories. It was great seeing each of them stand upfront and share their stories of how they came to know Jesus and how He has changed their lives. Click here to listen to these stories.
Highlight: Getting to sit back and listen to students share their faith stories. Nothing beats hearing students lift up the name of Jesus and share how He has radically changed their lives.

This was is our last week of not having Edge (our middle school ministry). Next week we pick things back up with Edge and I will share what we did there as well as at Porch.

Jacob Butcher Baptism Video

Last Sunday at Christ Community Chapel (Stow Campus) we celebrated baptism. I always enjoy baptism Sunday and hearing the stories of people who have started been transformed by the Gospel. One of the most exciting parts about baptism Sunday this past week was watching one of my students, Jacob Butcher, get baptized! Jacob is going into his senior year and I am so pumped to see how the Lord is working in his life.

Before we baptized each person, we showed a video of them telling their stories. Jacob has an incredible story of how God drew Him close and changed his life. I want to share that video here on my blog so others can see hear Jacob’s story.

Sarah’s Story

Have you ever heard someones story about what God has done in their life and it leaves you speechless? There has been a few times in my life so far where I have heard someones story and I was left completely speechless because of the awesome power of God’s grace, mercy, and redemption. One of those stories is the story of what God has done in one of my students life’s.

Sarah is one of my high school students at CCC Stow. I remember meeting her a few weeks after I started working for CCC this past September. Over a few conversations I was able to hear the story of what God has been doing in her life. I was left speechless and all I could think about was how good God is even when the situation or circumstance paints nothing but darkness. Instead of telling you Sarah’s story I want you to hear it for yourself straight from Sarah. Below is the video we showed this past Sunday at all of our campuses. Check it out and be reminded that God is in the business of redeeming every situation in our life, no matter how bad it seems.