Financial Do’s and Don’ts for Young Pastors

One of the things Bible college or seminary doesn’t teach you, is how to handle finances in ministry. I am a young pastor and money is not my thing. I either spend too much or save too much. I’m not the best with managing a budget and sometimes spend money on things that are not necessary. The good news is I’m learning. I’m learning how to save and spend when I need to. I’m learning how to manage a budget. I am doing what all young pastors should do-learn.

From that opening paragraph your probably wondering why I am writing a post on financial do’s and don’ts. I am kind of wondering the same thing, but I do believe I have some practical advice that is helping me that will also help you.

Financial Don’ts for Young Pastors

  1. Waste your budget right out of the gate.
  2. Handle all your finances on your own.
  3. Spend it on “wants” of the ministry rather than “needs” of the ministry.
  4. Spend your own personal money for your ministry when you can use your budget.

Financial Do’s for Young Pastors

  1. Pray over your budget (Ask God to use it for His will)
  2. If you need help with finances, ask!
  3. Be open and honest about your spending from your budget.

I know this list is short, but I don’t believe we need to make finances any more complicated than they already are. God gives us money and resources to use to expand His kingdom. If there is any advice that I would say rookie pastors MUST remember is this-your money and the churches money is not yours, it’s God. Let Him use it the way He sees fit and follow His leadership.

This post was originally a guest post I wrote for Rookie Pastor is a great site for young pastors who are looking for practical resources and tips for church ministry.

Guest Post: Don’t Hide Behind Your Inexperience

I was a critical Rookie Pastor. Particularly in my first year. Everyone was wrong, no one was listening to me and if they knew what was good for them they should. Then rather abruptly I was given explicit freedom to do it my way and I froze. All that talk was just that, talk. What I was once advocating I couldn’t pull the trigger on. My age wasn’t a liability until I wanted it to be. When others pronounced my age as a liability I fought it with cynicism and a critical spirit.

Don’t fall into this trap.

The temptation is to lead out of your place. We look up and criticize not knowing what it is like to have that responsibility. Our vision is limited to our specific area of concern while those above us, whether they be another pastor or elder, are concerned with the totality of the community. You have to acknowledge your limitations, as difficult as this may be. When the time comes when you do feel freed up to implement the change or shift philosophies own this leadership, you do nothing. Leadership has nothing to do with titles or position or age and everything to do with action. Leaders do. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you get paid, it is what you do that matters.

Fear or insecurity will come at you hard while you are stepping into this new leadership opportunity. You’ll also have an opportunity to use your inexperience as an excuse. The fear will tell you that you don’t know what you are doing and that mistakes will be made. The fear is right but that shouldn’t stop you. Get over this pursuit of perfection. No one changes anything by trying to be perfect. Things change when leaders are faithful. Stop waiting on permission or using the lack of it as an excuse for inaction. Quit undermining those above you just because you don’t understand their responsibility. Don’t hesitate and hide behind your inexperience when you should be leading.

This guest post was written by Josh Tandy. Josh has a great blog called Rookie Pastor that is a great resource for young leaders. I encourage you to check his site out and read more of his content there. Also, follow Josh and Rookie Pastor on twitter @Josh_Tandy and @rookiepastor.

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