2 Reasons You Need Check Out Code Orange Revival

The past two nights, Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC has been seeing God move in their Code Orange Revival. Code Orange Revival is a twelve night revival put on by Steven Furtick and his church Elevation. It is simply amazing at what is happening there! They are streaming the services live for anyone to watch. People are watching from all over the world and with just two night in the stories that are coming out of this revival are breathtaking.

I personally believe that this could be the start of the next great revival. With the technology we have today and the ability to stream a revival that is taking place in one area to the rest of the world, joining millions of people together in prayer and sitting under sound preaching, this could be the way the next great revival takes place. I am sure there are people out there that don’t like Elevation or Furtick because of silly “preferences” they can’t let go, but when God is on the move like He is in this revival it’s time to drop our preferences and get in on what God is doing! Here are two reasons you need to be a part of Code Orange Revival either live in Charlotte or online from wherever you are.

1. It’s a real move of God. Honestly, as believers, shouldn’t we want to get in on anything that is a real move of God? I have committed to be  a part of this revival online because I believe God is in it and if He is in it, I need it! I desperately need God to move in my life and I am excited about being part of something like this. If you don’t believe me or believe the magnitude of this revival, here are some amazing facts.

The hash tag #codeorangerevival was the number one trending topic on Twitter the first day and has been a top trending topic since.

People are tuning in from all over the world via live stream and TV stations that are showing it. 

People of flying and driving into Charlotte from all over the world just to be a part of this revival live. Last night two men flew from Seattle because they wanted to be a part of it!

People are camping out and getting to the Elevation campus throughout the day just to get a seat inside.

This is not your typical revival. This is a move of God! Wherever you are, tune in on TV or watch the live stream, do whatever you need to do to be a part of this move of God. I have already been blessed, challenged, convicted, and changed by the first two nights!

2. Good Biblical Preaching. This is the part that makes this revival so amazing. Furtick managed to bring in some of the best speakers from around the country to share God’s Word. Here is the line up: Craig Groeschel, Jentezen Franklin, Matt Chandler, Christine Caine, Ed YoungIsrael Houghton, Perry Noble, Stovall Weems, Kevin Gerald, T.D. Jakes, and James MacDonald. The moment some people read this list they will write off this revival because they don’t agree with some of the speakers. I personally do not agree with all of them, but that is not a reason to not be a part of this move of God. There comes a time when we need to drop our preferences and opinions so we can hear God speak. So far the preaching has been the focus and center of this revival. I believe that is Furtick’s heart and I am encouraged by his passion to make God’s Word the center of this revival.

Here are all the links you need to be a part of the Code Orange Revival:
Elevation Network-This is where the live stream can be found as well as the rebroadcasting of each service if you mis the live stream.
Code Orange Revival-This is the main website for the revival. On this site you can find all the info, schedule, and speaker bio’s.
Elevation Church-The main website for the church.
Steven Furtick-This is his personal website and blog.


Teens and Revival

Recently I was asked to write an article for Life Action Revival Ministries that will be part of their nation-wide movement called OneCry that will launch in February 2012. They asked me to write an article about how to encourage students to seek God in personal revival. I wanted to summarize the article in a blog post and share three ways we can encourage students to seek God in revival. Our youth groups, churches, and country is in need of a supernatural revival that can only come from God. I once heard a youth pastor say this, “this generation of teenagers will usher in the greatest movement of God that the world has ever experienced.” If you look back at some of the greatest revivals, they all started with younger people. I believe that our students have the resources and platform to usher another great revival. Here are three ways we can encourage them to do just that.

Teach it. We cant expect students to seek God in revival if we don’t take the time to teach them how to. Too often we get upset at students for not doing something they should, but we never taught them what to do. If we want to see students seek God in revival we must teach them how to do it. I believe the best way to do this is to teach them the whole Word of God. The most important thing when dealing with students is teaching them God’s Word.

Live it. As important as it is to teach students about revival, if we stop there we will not see it happen. We must teach it while we are living it out in front of them. My youth professor in college, Shean Phillips, says Biblical teaching plus appropriate relationships equal discipleship. When we teach students we speak at them, but when we have a personal relationship with them we speak into their life’s.

Pray it. Jerry Falwell use to say, “Nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer.” Revival will never happen apart from prayer. If we want to see students seek God in revival we must pray for it. Pray about it in your own life, pray with them, encourage them to pray with others.

These three things may seem very basic, but that is the beauty of revival. Revival is something God does and we can experience when we get serious about our walk with Him and start to live according to His Word. I hope this encourages youth pastor, pastors, and parents to encourage their students to seek God in revival.

Click here to read the entire article. In February it will be posted on the OneCry website, but for now you can read it by clicking the link just given.

3 Ways to Love Your City

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “city?” A lot of people equate city with sin and wickedness. It is true that crime and danger are more likely in a city, but that does not make the city more sinful than the rural communities. I am greatly encouraged by the resurgence of church planting and church activity within the cities of our country. I believe that if America is ever going to see another nation-wide revival it will have to start within the cities. Why? Culture is driven by the cities. If you can impact a city for Christ then you can impact the culture of the whole country. I believe God loves the city and wants to bring spiritual renewal to our cities in this country. I urge you to not look down or think less of the cities, but love the cities. Whatever city you are in, or close to, love that city and passionately seek God’s face for a revival in that city! Here are a few ways we can love our city:

Pray for your city. The first thing we as believers can do to love our city is to pray for it! Pray for the city leaders, officials, and all the people who make up that city. in 1 Timothy 2:1, Paul says, “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions…” During the time of Paul writing this, Nero was in leadership. If you don’t know, Nero hated Christians and did a lot to try to stop Christianity. Paul said, pray for him! I don’t care how wicked or messed up your city leaders may be, the Bible commands us to pray for them! If you do nothing else for your city, at least pray that God would do a mighty work there.

Be a part of your city. Spend time in your city. Find places and things you can do within your city. God wants us to enjoy the things He has given to us and within the city God has given people a lot of fun things to enjoy. As a am writing this I am in a coffee shop in the middle of the city I am currently in. I have been coming here frequently and have enjoyed seeing the people and things that make up this city. Not only should you spend time enjoying yourself in your city, be a good citizen of your city as well. Paul goes on to say, “…that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior.” God desires believers to be good citizens of their cities and enjoy it while being godly and dignified.

Serve your city. Look for ways to serve your city. Within most cities there are countless homeless and helpless people who need help. Get involved in your local rescue mission or homeless shelter. If you have time, serve on a board or committee in your city. Please do not look down on your city if you are not investing time in it and serving it for the glory of God. Praying for your city is good. Being a part of your city is good as well. But serving your city is better! We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving. And serving your city is a way to show people Jesus and His love for the city.

Start thinking positive about your city and what God could do in it. Great revivals in the past have started within cities and then spread throughout the rural areas. Your city could be the start of the nest great move of God in our country. God works through people who make up His church so get out there and let God use you in your city.

Three things that have sparked a passion in me for cities:
1) Article from Resurgence titled “4 Ways to Know Your City”
2) Song “God of this City” by Chris Tomlin
3) For all my fellow Hip-Hop fans out there, Andy Mineo (C-Lite) song “In My City”

Recommended sermon that is worth watching on this subject-Tim Keller “Reaching Your City with the Gospel”

My sister, Amanda McCann, made this for me to hang in my office. She does an amazing job at making arts and things like this. Check out her stuff and contact her if you want something made on here “Manda’s Creations & Such” Facebook page.

20 Reasons NOT to Sin

Last week I preached the first sermon of a series called “Draw a Circle” here at Weymouth Community Church. The whole “draw a circle” is that revival starts with individuals. Before churches can experience revival, individuals must experience personal revival. We need to draw a circle around us and pray, “Lord, send revival and let it begin in me!” In the first sermon we talked about three indicators that you need revival:


If you do not love God as much as you did at first, you need revival.

If your walk with God is defined by activity rather than intimacy, you need revival.

If you do not sense an urgent need for God’s help, you need revival.

These ideas were taken straight from the letters to church in Revelation 2 and 3. This week we are continuing the “Draw a Circle” series and will be talking about humility. Before we can experience revival we must be humble. C.J. Mahaney defines humility as honestly assessing ourselves in light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness. The Scripture we will be looking at is James 4:6-10. In this passages James tells us to come close to God, wash our hands and purify our hearts, and to be broken over our sin.

I wanted to share something in this post that I will be sharing in the sermon. Dan Jarvis, lead pastor of Weymouth, came up with twenty reasons not to sin:

1. Sin breaks the heart of my Savior.

2. Jesus died to save me from sin.

3. I’ll feel guilty and dirty if I do it.

4. This won’t really satisfy me.

5. Once I’m done sinning, I’ll wish I hadn’t.

6. My disobedience to God will hurt other people that I love and care for.

7. It will hurt God’s reputation.

8. I will come under the discipline of God.

9. It will rob me of my potential in life.

10. It will waste precious, God-given time.

11. Eventually, someone will find out.

12. God sees everything I do, say, and think.

13. It will keep me from fulfilling the purpose of my life.

14. I have more important things to do than to mess around with sin.

15. This sin will distract me from my spiritual focus.

16. It will rob me of heavenly rewards.

17. The devil wants me to disobey God.

18. There will be real consequences to this, some of which I don’t even realize.

19. God will hold me accountable.

20. I really love God, so, why would I want to disobey Him?

So next time you’re facing temptation or are thinking about committing a particular sin, remember some of these reasons you should NOT do it.