First Day on the Job

Today is my first official day as the youth ministry intern here at Church of the Open Door in York, PA. I came to the office with youth pastor Brett Ayers around 10:00am and got to meet several of the people in the office. The first day has been great! We have been working on planning and preparing for Ignition, a three night event for students to kickoff the summer. My job today was to work on a promotional flyer for the students to pass out to friends and students over the next two weeks before Ignition. I also worked some on slides for Ignition that we will use in each of the services those three nights. It has been encouraging to work on some stuff, get to know Brett a little more, discuss youth ministry, and listen to Matt Chandler and Steve Furtick with Brett as we worked. The past few days I have been staying at Brett’s house and have enjoyed getting to know his family. Either tonight or tomorrow I will probably be moving into the mission home for about a week before moving in with a host family for the rest of the summer. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue this internship. Pray that the Lord will use me to make an impact on the students this summer and also serve alongside Brett and the youth leaders well.

Below is the promotional flyer I worked on today for the students to pass out. We will hand these out tomorrow night at youth group!


Temptation Flyer

A few days ago I posted a flyer that I made for a “Summer Sizziler Kickoff Carnival” that the student ministry I am involved in is doing. Like I said in that post, I do all the promotional flyers and the media stuff for that student ministry I am involved in. It is called The Grove Student Ministry ( We are doing a study on Temptation this summer and they asked me to make a promotional flyer for the study to pass out and to get the word of to the students about the study that will go throughout this summer! This should be a great study that should really challenge the students to fight temptation in their everyday life! Here is the flyer I made: