Freebie: Coffee Trivia Game

Slide01This week in our high school ministry we had what we call a Coffee House. Basically we meet in a smaller room than normal and create a coffee house atmosphere. We offer free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Our band also goes acoustic for the night and leads in worship. It’s always a great time and our students love it! I’d encourage you and try this with your high school students. There is something about the coffee house style that attracts high school students.

We also did a coffee trivia game that I want to share with you. We simply called it “Coffee Trivia” and it went over pretty well. I searched the web for facts about coffee and put together ten questions for this game. Below is the PowerPoint presentation for this game as well has a folder with just the image files. Download and use this game sometime with your students. If you do, let me know how it goes.

Click here to download the Coffee Trivia PowerPoint
Click here to download the Coffee Trivia Image Files

Freebie: Truth About Your Trials Sermon Pack

Discouraged-ManOver a year ago I wrote about three truths found in Jeremiah 29 that I believe should encourage Christians when they face trials. A few months after I wrote that post I crafted it into a sermon. I ended up preaching that sermon a few times to various audiences and it always goes over well. I want to share this sermon with you as a freebie and encourage you to use it however you wish.

The main idea of the sermon is God is sovereign over everything, included that trials you face in this life. Their is a reason He sends each of us through certain trials and trusting Him with that changes the way we go through them. Below you will find a link to download the teaching manuscript, PowerPoint presentation, and for Mac users I included a Keynote presentation.

Feel free to download this freebie and use it however you wish. You can edit the material and make it your own. Let me know if you end up using this freebie!

Click here to download the teaching manuscript.

Click here to download the PowerPoint.

Click here to download the Keynote.

Freebie: “Bring Em Up” Youth Group Game

I’m always looking for quick, easy games that are fun for my students. I want to share with you a game I have done many times that is easy to pull off and is always a hit with students. I want to share with you the media I have used for this game so you can use it with your group.  The game is called “Bring Em Up.” You probably have heard or even done this game before, but called it something else. There are tons of names and variations to this game.

You can tweak the game to fit your students, but here is how I have done it. First, split your group into two teams. Then explain that you are going to call out a random thing (can be anything you want, be creative!) and the first team to have someone bring me what I request gets a point. As you will see with this freebie, I usually do about ten rounds so I have ten random things picked out. Keep track of the point for each team throughout the game and always have a tie breaker ready if need be.

It’s a simple, but fun game. If your creative it’s a great way to get your students interacting and burning some energy. This is always a good thing for middle school students! Below is the link for you to media for this game for FREE! It’s a PowerPoint file, but you can always export the slides as image files and import them into whatever program you use for your media.

Click here to download the media for “Bring Em Up” for FREE!

Recent Flyers

If you know than you might know I love working with church media and tech. I started working with church media and tech when I was a freshman here at PBC. I was a college leader under the current student pastor at The Grove Student Ministry, a ministry of Union Grove Baptist Church, when I started running the sound and media for the Wednesday night meetings. I soon started running sound and media in the church services at Union Grove. Over the years the media and tech have advanced in The Grove Student Ministry and I have had the privilege to still be working there with the media and tech. I have run programs such as PowerPoint, EasyWorship, and ProPresenter for that student ministry and many other ministries over the past few years. As I am winding down my time here at PBC and my time working at The Grove because I am doing two internships over the next half-year, one this summer and one next fall, I did a few flyers for some stuff coming up at The Grove in the next few months before I leave. I enjoy putting together flyers like these for various ministry events so if you would like some done let me know or have any questions please ask. Below are a few I worked on tonight.

Also, below are some flyers I made to promote the social sites we use at The Grove along with a  flyer to promote the current website of the student ministry. These were much easier than the above flyers because the backgrounds are from Centerline New Media. I purchased each one for about $2 and just put the text on the image.