180 the Movie

The video above is Ray Comfort’s (Way of the Master) newest endeavor to share the Gospel with people in a way that works. Basically, what he does in the 180 film is share how abortion in America is just like the Holocaust in Germany by Adolf Hitler. What is shocking is that most of the people he interviews, mostly younger people, have never even heard of Hitler or even know a thing about what he did. Ray then puts them in a corner and ask what they would do if they were told to bury innocent Jews alive. Almost all of them said they would not. What Ray does next is great, he then asks what do they believe about abortion. Is it murder? Is it wrong? Most of the people say it’s the “women’s choice” and Ray points out how their inconsistency. They would not kill Jews, but would kill innocent babies inside their mother’s womb. Of course this discussion leads to right moral and the existence of God. Whats great about this video is that you actually see people change their mind on the spot about abortion and more importantly about Jesus Christ! Here are a few other great things about this video:

Shows that evangelism, at times, should be done with intellectual conversations. The world will not respond to the Gospel if we just yell Bible verses at them and tell them to “turn or burn.” This is why I have a big problem with street preachers who show more anger and hatred rather than a love for the lost. Ray shows us in this film that by having intellectual conversations and talking in terms people will understand can open the door wide open for sharing the Gospel. Use the Bible, but don’t start with it. Most non-Christains don’t even believe the Bible is truth so it will not work if you start with it.

Shows logic behind the fact that abortion is murder. Many times we just tell people abortion is wrong because it’s murder and don’t take the time to explain why that is the case. Ray shows us in this film that by using examples like Hitler and the killing of the Jews that abortion can be explained as murder. If you are a pro-lifer out there (don’t worry, I am pro-life) please don’t stand on the street with a big sign saying “abortion is murder.” Drop the sign and have a real conversation with people about why abortion is wrong. If you do the sign thing, don’t stop there, have a conversation!

I highly recommend everyone to take 30 minutes and watch this film. It will make you think and will help you understand how we can share the Gospel with others. If you are a youth pastor, this would be a good film to show your youth group that will certainly strike up good discussions. If you are not sure where you stand on abortion, PLEASE WATCH. I pray and hope this film will help you make a discussion on that matter.

Not everyone is a big fan of this film and some college students feel they got it pushed into their face. Read about that here.