“Linked Generations” Podcast

linked_togetherLast week I was able to see Mel Walker and hear him do a seminar on inter-generational ministry. Teens are leaving the church after high school and the model of most church ministries isn’t helping that trend. We tend to isolate generations of the church and never bring them together. Mel Walker is a big component of inter-gernational ministry and connecting all generations within the church. Let me say that I do not believe Mel is a part of the fade to “do away with student ministry” like the film Divided suggest. But I believe Mel’s approach is a balanced view of how student ministry can be connected to the large local body of Christ.

I was able to hear from Mel at a Motus Gathering. Motus is a movement of youth pastors and youth workers from all over the greater Cleveland, OH area. We gathering once every few months and learn from each other as well as grow in community as we strive to reach teens in our area for Christ.

In addition to Mel speaking at our Motus event, he recorded a leadership podcast with Rick Eimers, youth pastor at Cuyahoga Valley Church. The podcast covers the topic of linked generations. Mel talks about how we can keep from isolating generations by linking them toegther. I believe this is an important topic that all of us in church ministry, especially student pastors, must wrestle with. Click the link below to listen to this podcast.

Listen to “Linked Generations” with Mel Walker