Freebie: Coffee Trivia Game

Slide01This week in our high school ministry we had what we call a Coffee House. Basically we meet in a smaller room than normal and create a coffee house atmosphere. We offer free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Our band also goes acoustic for the night and leads in worship. It’s always a great time and our students love it! I’d encourage you and try this with your high school students. There is something about the coffee house style that attracts high school students.

We also did a coffee trivia game that I want to share with you. We simply called it “Coffee Trivia” and it went over pretty well. I searched the web for facts about coffee and put together ten questions for this game. Below is the PowerPoint presentation for this game as well has a folder with just the image files. Download and use this game sometime with your students. If you do, let me know how it goes.

Click here to download the Coffee Trivia PowerPoint
Click here to download the Coffee Trivia Image Files

Freebie: Dodge That Dice Game

I always love doing games in our student ministry that require little to no supplies, set up, or explanation in rules. I like simple games that get everyone involved and requires students to get up and run around. A few weeks ago I tweaked the classic game four corners and created a game called “Dodge that Dice.” I’m not that creative so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has already created this game. If so, they deserve the credit not me.

I wanted to share the graphic I made for this game as well as explain how you play. Please download the graphic and try this game out in your student ministry. It seems to work best in a middle school setting. The game is very much like four corners except you have six corners. Tape a sign in each corner with the number so student know what number each corner is. When you say go, students must run to one of the six corners. Give them a few second and tell them to freeze in whatever corner they are in or are closest to. Then roll a dice. Whatever number the dice lands on, that corner is out. Continue doing this same thing until there is one student left standing. About half way through the game throw in another dice so you have two corners that get out. Also, have the winning student come up and be the “dice roller” for the next round.

It’s a simple game that allows students to run around and have a good time. Download the graphic before for free and try this game out with your students. If you use it, I’d love to hear how it went.

Download “Dodge That Dice” Graphic for Free