“25 Things I Hate About Facebook”

I ran across this video on a blog and thought it was worth posting here on my blog. Pretty funny stuff!


“I Will Rise”

I love this song. The message is so powerful and it really gets you excited about the day when Jesus will call us believers home and we will rise up to meet our Lord Jesus Christ in the clouds! This song has been a great encouragement and help to me in some rough times. I got the chance to see Chris Tomlin perform this song live at his concert which was awesome! Here is a video I found on Youtube with the lyrics to the song. Take a moment and listen to the song while reading the words on the video. It is amazing to think back on what Christ did for us and how we have a great future with Him to look forward to!

Tenth Avenue North at Dove Awards

I saw this video on a blog I read periodically, www.collegeministrythoughts.com. These guys, Tenth Avenue North, have came on the contemporary music scene this year and are by far one of the best Christian bands out there right now in my opinion. At first look, these guys don’t look like the normal “Christian contemporary” band, but their music is very powerful and you can see through their music and attitude, they truly love God! Watch this video of them playing at the Dove Awards and make sure to watch the end when they get and accept their award!

God will use unexpected people!

As you watch this video and the story behind it, think about this, God seems to use very unexpected people to do great things for Him! The Bible is filled with story after story of men who fell into great sin, who where from poor homes, who were outcasts and “unpopular” in their day, yet God used them to do the greatest things for Him! He will still do the same today. This video is just a simple illustration of this truth, enjoy!

Pastor Rick Warren shares a few good thoughts about this story also! Check it out at http://www.susan-boyle.com/video/Susan-Boyle-Commentary-by-Rick