You got to love Mr. Crowder

You got to love this guy! Not only is David Crowder one of the leading guys in the modern worship scene, but he just a plain old guy that has a normal life. It’s cool to see artists and especially Christians artists that are just real people who have real life’s! Not sure the point of this video, but it’s worth the watch, or at least I think so! Enjoy!

Conversations With God

conversations-with-godI heard about this movie awhile back and I never really got around to watching it. Tonight I watched it and I must say I have mixed emotions about it! The movie is about a man, named Neil, who gets into a car wrecks and looses his job. Not only that, he lives years on the street and day and night in a tent while gathering food from dumpsters. As Neil lived on the street, he kept running across a really nice meal in a dumpster and woke up with a work ad beside his head that was somehow in the paper a week early. These little “happens” are a picture of how God works. Even when our life’s are lost and we have no hope, God still has us in mind and is taking care of us. He will supply us with amazing things right when we need them even in times that are totally dark much like Neil’s state in this movie. After taking the job as a radio DJ, Neil slowly gets his life back together! He meets a woman and and gets his own place. As he slowly regans his life, he starts to write. He has “conversations” with God and writes it all down. This is where the movie turned south for me! As Neil is having these conversations” with God, God tells Neil it is all about love. God tells Neil that he needs to find himself and make his own choices and truly be himself. God tells Neil that when he finds himself he will be able to determine what is right or wrong for himself This sort of talk goes on through the end of the movie, and honestly it ruined it for me. I see a ton of postmodernism in this movie because it speaks of God and truth as relative. Truth is absolute, I believe, and comes directly from God’s Word. I like how the movie carries the theme that God is constantly taking care of Neil and is supplying for him. That is a very good reminder because no matter how dark our life’s get, God always is taking care of us. I did not like the postmodern and “feel good and love” talk at the end of the movie. Overall, I will say it is a movie worth watching because it makes you discern truth. I believe watching movies such as this are good for us as believers because we see what the world is believing! If you have the chance, set down and watch this movie through the lenses of God’s Word and I promise you it will help you and help you discern what is out there!

National Youth Ministry Conference 2009

Finally, it’s here! I had the opportunity to go to this last year with a group of guys from my school, Piedmont Baptist College. As a college student studying youth ministry, this was one of the best experiences I could have gotten and will be one of the best experiences every year while still in college. I have never been to a conference just for youth workers like this one is, and I must say, it is such a blessing! The people you meet that have the same passion about youth ministry as you do and hear all the “top dogs” in youth ministry speak such as Doug Fields, Walt Mueller, Josh Griffin, Rick Lawrence, Greg Stier, and the list goes on and on. Having the opportunity to set in workshops under these guys as they share information and tools about how we can be more effective youth workers is such a blessing! This is one conference that I will certainly go to every year while I’m in college and also every year as I’m a full-time youth pastor in the future. The atmosphere is amazing at this conference. I believe that the great atmosphere is due to the fact that you have some many people in the same place that are passionate about one thing-reaching and teaching students for Christ! Also, the general sessions, or “big meetings,” are amazing! Great worship lead by Tim Timmons and at times some students from Saddleback Church. Not to mention, all the free resources and stuff you get at this conference! I love this conference and can’t wait till next week when we go! I’m thankful to my school, for allowing us youth major’s to go to this conference and learn more about youth ministry! If you are a youth pastor or a youth workers in any way, I would encourage you to attend this conference. God will use it in a mighty way in your ministry, I promise! You can check out their site

99 Thoughts

99-thoughts-r4_sm-330x500-new1Josh Griffen, the high school student pastor at Saddleback Church, is putting out this book soon. I’m super excited to read this book! I love reading any book on youth ministry, but Josh Griffen is a man in youth ministry that I highly respect. He is running one of the best youth ministries I have ever seen and has an excellent blog that is very relevant for anyone involved in youth ministry. Make sure and check that blog out at My opinion is that anyone involved or passionate about youth ministry should check out the student ministries at Saddleback and also check out the community around I may not agree totally with some of the things at the student ministry at Saddleback, but God is evident in their work there. I hope this book turns out to be a good one! After reading it, whenever that might be, I will post a review on it!