Crossing the Line?

I ran across this video on a blog the other night and with mixed emotions I figured out why it made me upset because I see a line being crossed in how you worship our God. The ministry where this video was taken is called The Ramp ( I have read and talked to some people who are involved in The Ramp type ministry and I am fully behind and in agreement with what they are trying to do. They are a ministry where they gather the young generation once a month or so and do a mini, very intense conference type weekend. They are very passionate about reaching the young generation for Chirt and getting them geared up to be the army of God we are called to be. My problem then lies in the way they do some of their worship and the way they carry it out.

First, and my biggest concern is that it is way to much emotion. I believe worshipping God through songs can be very emotional and I have had times where I have had emotional moments when singing worship songs to my God. The problem is when the emotion has taken over and it is no longer worship to our God, but a bunch of hype and adrenaline pumping through us. The fact is, to many people focus on “experiencing” God and they get all emotional and hyped up, but they never experience God because the emotion got in the way. God is not concerned about emotion and hype. He wants us to worship Him in our own way yes, but in a way that is all about Him and drawing nigh to Him. That is what I see in this video. Their is alot of excitement, emotion, hype, and energy, but it is hard to see God in it with all that stuff in the way. I have had some good times at teen camp where the whole place was jumping up and down while singing David Crowder songs and running around the adatorium while singing the Happy Song, but when that emotion takes our eyes of God and truly gazing upon Him, than our worship is no longer worship.

Secondly, I do not see my reverce and respect given to the Lord in this video. The lead guy’s attitude does not even seem right to me. The song or “lines” they keep reapeating are actually taken from an 80’s pop song, but only with “Jesus” added. That to me does not seem to be a fitting song to sing to our God. At the end of the video the guys says, “…we love the Lordy.” Im not sure how that is showing much respect and reverce to the One who has died on the cross to pay for our sins and save us from hell!

I love having a good time in church and while worshipping my God. I have been in services where you can’t help but to throw up your hands or fall to you kness. I have been in services were we have jumped and ran around while singing awesome songs to our God. I love that! But I have had those times doing that, when I have caught myself being totally off foucused from God and totally focus on the emotion of running, jumping, and waving my hands. King David knew what it was like to jump and dance while worshipping our God. There, in a sense, is nothing wrong with worshipping that way! But we must make sure it is God honoring and the emotion is not taking the first place in our worship.

A Spiritual Thought from an Unexpected Source

I ran across this video on another blog and at first skipped right over it and did not watch it. But I went back to the blog again tonight and watched it. Although it had no Biblical or spiritual content, God brought a thought to me. The Bush girls are encouraging and giving advice to the Obama girls about their new life in the White House, shouldn’t we as Christians be encouraging and passing on advice to other Christians when they are going through a big transition time in their life? Many Christians, like the Obama girls, are going through a big time of transition or even a time of trouble and all they need is encouragement and advice from someone who has been there before like the Bush girls in this situation. Hope this made sense and hope the video helps you see my point!

Prayer by Rick Warren

Yesterday I was watching the inauguration and I was very impressed and moved by Rick Warren’s prayer. First, I though it was encouraging to see someone like Rick Warren, pray at the inauguration of a president who is so different in all his views and beliefs. Some might down Rick Warren for praying at the inauguration because of all that Obama stands for and doesn’t stand on Christian values or the Word of God. I think Rick Warren did the right thing by taking this opportunity and shinning the light of God Almighty by praying at this inaguration. This post is not about the fact that Rick Warren prayed at Obama’s inauguration, but is about what Rick Warren said in his prayer that really moved me and encouraged me spiritually. During his prayer he said this: “in the name of the one who changed my life…….Jesus” Wow, what a way to address our Saviour Jesus Christ! I think this is what we as Christians miss so much, that because of Jesus Christ we have been changed or in better terms “born again!” We have been born again and been changed because of Jesus Christ!

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NASB) “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

The Word of God makes it very clear that when we are “born again” we are changed, the old has passed away, but we have become new! The sad thing is, the church is full of people who say they are “Christians” but have not been truly “born again” because there has been no change. When we get saved, the Bible makes it clear, we will be changed! If someone can get “saved” and not be changed and still live like the did before they got “saved” than their salvation is in question. Jesus, the one who has changed my life, did just that! I accepted Him and asked Him to come into my heart and I was changed! Have you been changed by Jesus?

Light Their Fire

41feqjfi1xl__sl160_sl120_1With all the reading I have to do this semester, I wanted to go on and get a jump on it early! For my Church Education class I had to read a book called “Light Their Fire” by Leonard Allred, which was a professor at my school Piedmont Baptist College! In this book, Allread gives twenty-nine “matches” that one can use in a class to light a fire in adults through teaching them! All of Allread’s suggestions or “matches” in this book are very good. With his education background and many years of teaching adults, the suggestions in this book are trustworthy and a “must use” in any teaching situation! Though I am majoring in youth ministry with hopes of being a youth pastor, the “matches” in this book are useful also for me because these “matches” can also be used in teaching teens and young adults! If you are a teacher of adults or even teens, this book is a must read! It is an easy read and a good book to get you excited about teaching and lighting a fire for God to whomever you are teaching!